Mini Militia No Reload Mod: Unlimited Ammo, Boost And Zoom

Mini Militia being one of the popular game is now also available for Windows and PCs. One of the viewer has asked for no reload mod in the comment section of mini militia one shot kill, so Mini Militia No Reload Mod is here on demand by trickystuffs. Mini Militia Mod here also has unlimited ammo, unlimited boost and 7x zoom features inbuilt. Continue reading

mini militia multiplayer gameplay

How To Play Mini Militia Multiplayer From Home With Friends Online

Hello, this post for today is for one of my viewers who asked for how to play mini militia multiplayer from home with friends online? Answering to my viewer I am disclosing the trick for how to play Mini Militia Multiplayer with friends sitting at home. Addiction to the game is a fact, as it is one of the most popular strategic shooting game attracting by its friendly interface and graphics. Also the game provides a rank as a gift. Let’s begin..

-Trick For How To Play Mini Militia Multiplayer-

Benefits For Mini Militia Multiplayer

  • No online hacks tactics available
  • Friendly environment in the game
  • Play with college friends from home
  • Number of players can play easily
  • No time to get bored
  • Addiction increase
  • The mind becomes more active

-Steps For How To Play Mini Militia Multiplayer-

You must be having a working 3g/4g data connection active for the gameplay

  • Download Mini Militia Mod if already not available from below

Details: Mini Miltia Mod Apk

File Size: 47.51MB

Download Apk

Features with the above download:

  1. Mini Militia mod with Unlimited Ammo
  2. Mini Militia mod with Unlimited Boost
  3. Mini Militia mod with Limited Life
  4. Mini Militia mod with New Themed Maps
  5. Mini Militia mod with No Reload

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  • Install the Mini Militia Mod Apk and open the Game
  • Click on Multiplayer button

mini militia multiplayer

  • Now Go To Custom option in the game

how to play mini militia multiplayer

  • Choose any custom server or room and Click Join

server list

  • Now click on the Host 

game host server

  •  Create Name of your private room now

create game room

  • All Done. Now invite friends in your room and play the game…

Information Regarding Invitation To The Game:-

  • You can invite friends by call/text by providing them the host server name and your room name
  • Invited friends can only access your private room
  • Unknown user interference can be removed by you
  • Text on game chat can be done friendly

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-Tips & Tricks For How To Play Mini Militia Multiplayer from Home with Friends-

  • To establish a perfect gameplay without any network errors you must be having a working 3g/4g data connection
  • The Password can also be created in your private game room
  • Choose a strong password to avoid strangers interference
  • Do not share your password or room name of your private server with anybody to avoid strangers entry
  • For any server problem or any problems regarding non joining of your friend just restart the game

That’s all about how to play mini militia multiplayer at home with friends online. If you’re having any kind of problem regarding installation or during gameplay, the comment section is all your’s let me know your problem to get an easy solution.

Mini Militia Mod One Shot Kill Apk 2017 Download: Unlimited Triple Kill Shots | Triple Damage

Hello, after going through the comments on my previous post of mini militia rank hack I found that many of you are searching for a new version of the mini militia game. Here today I will be providing the latest unrevealed version of mini militia game with amazing new interesting features. You can easily download the latest version of the Mini Militia Mod One Shot Kill Apk 2017 with a simple click. And one of the positive feature is that this version is without unlimited health. Continue reading

mini militia pro hack apk

Mini Militia Pro Hack APK v3.0.25 2017: Triple High Ranged Fire Shots | One Shot Kill + New Themed Maps

Good news, now Mini Militia Pro Hack Apk v3.0.25 released with various new features including one shot kill dead and guns with triple shots for an easy kill. In this version of Mini Militia Pro Hack Apk you can also see your rival’s life graph on your own screen also unlimited boost with new guns and multiplayer hack for team play. Cool Costumes and high skill ranking also available, resulting old versions such as Mini Militia Doodle Army 2, Mini Mitilia God Mod Hack, and others  behind him. Be the first to download and make your friend stubbed by your performance.

Mini Militia Pro Hack Apk v3.0.25

Mini Militia God Mod Drawbacks: In Mini Militia God Mod Apk you must be having unlimited health with hiding facility which must be sometimes making you feel boredom and irritating comments from your friends. Restrictions to pro pack features is also there.

Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 Drawbacks: In Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 you must be suffering from various restrictions such as can’t access the features of a pro pack. Zoom control, melee attacks and double wield featured with heavy weapons and modern grenades are not available in Doodle Army 2.

 mini militia pro hack apk

Mini Militia Pro Hack Apk 3.0.25: Benefits

  • One Shot Kill Mod
  • Mini Militia Pro pack, Unlocked
  • Behind Bush Easy Watch
  • Unlimited Nitrro
  • 5 New Maps  
  • Facility To Watch Rival’s Health Graph On Main Screen
  • Unlimited Bullets
  • Dual Gun Bug fixed completely
  • Melee attacks Upgraded
  • Team Battle Upgraded
  • Mini Militia Version 3.0.25

Features And Ranking Tips:

  • New Tools For Avatar Customization 

  • Double Weapon Holding Facility Available

  • All guns will be unlocked with the full pro pack

  • Easy high jump facility is available here

  • Access to all kinds of weapons and costumes are available

  • The Health bar of another player can be seen

  • The Exact location of another player can be seen

  • Triple bullet fire shots

  • Red line for easy target kill

  • Higher ranged bullet shots 

  • One Shot Easy Kill

  • Increase experience and skill rank

  • Unlimited cheats for points 

  • Gravity Mode is added for hiding and moving through walls

  • No rooted phone requirements

Easy way to increase rank of your avatar for a perfect game play: Tricks Here

Available For Windows Phone and PCs also get details here: Tricks Here

Mini Militia Pro Hack Apk Download & Install

Rank hack version is not available on google playstore so you can easily download it here. Mini Militia Pro versions links will be made available below. First follow steps to download pro hack apk..

  • First Uninstall the installed version (if any)
  • Download Mini Militia Pro Hack V3.0.25 from below link box

mini militia pro pack

Download Apk

  • Now install the downloaded APK file
  • Restart your mobile after installing to clear caches
  • Now open the app and enjoy the game..

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Mini Militia Hack : Windows Phone | PC | Latest Wall Break Edition

Mini Militia Hack can be easily downloaded here, the latest version of mini militia hack is available here for both Android and Windows user. Flying through walls in Doodle Army2 version of mini militia has now been upgraded with wall break edition which is more amazing than the previous one. I am here after my previous post on: Mini Militia Rank Hacking Mod Apk including v3.2 of mili militia mod version.

Mini Militia being a popular game is disappointing many of the players by its working OS requirements. Android users are enjoying the game and Windows users are sitting for the update for their OS. Here’s the good news for Windows users as the latest version of mini militia hack is available here with the installation tricks.

                          Mini Militia Hack Wall Break Edition (v3.2)

God Mod Apk



You can get complete information on the latest updated version of mini militia doodle army2 with its amazing wall break features here: Mini Militia GOD Mod Apk

Mini Militia Hack Game For PC

Wondering about possibility of game workability? Don’t worry, here we will provide full guide including requirements, steps to download and install till run. Features of the game are same as that of Android with all other fields and game work availability including LAN playthrough, friends playthrough and ofcorse an online play.

 Requirements For The Game on PC:

  • Atleast 2 gigabytes RAM must be available, for well furnished performance.
  • Android Emulator software, I will prefer Bluestacks for Mini Militia on Windows computer. We will provide you the download link below.
  • 5 GB free hard disk space required not for the game but for the process
  • Doodle army 2 Mini Militia Hack apk file required, You can download it from the above download link provided with red.
  • Working Internet Connection

Procedure To Download And Install Mini Militia On PC:

  • Download Android Emulator Software for windows, which helps in running android application on Windows easily. Bluestacks is the best and popular emulator which can be easily downloaded here: Bluestacks Free Download | Mirror

bluestacks download

  • By following the procedure conveyed by the app easily install Bluestacks
  • If you have already downloaded Mini Militia Hack v3.from the above link head over it and double click it. Else you can download it from Bluestacks application.
  • Now open Bluestacks on your computer and select Android tab. You will find a Mini Militia game icon in the Recent played list
  • Allow all the permission Google play  needs to run Mini militia on Windows easily
  • All Done! The Mini Militia Hack is now installed and you are ready for the play….

mini militia hack for PC

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