11 Best Residual Income Opportunities 2017 To Earn Online For Free

Searching for the best residual income opportunities? Yeah! You are landing on the right post. Today in this post I will tell you about the best residual income opportunities online and offline, which will definitely help you to have a continuous stream of income deposited in your account. Being passionate in any field will help you to make money online easily. Try to search your passion, if you don’t know your talent. 

The best part doing something on the side to make extra money is that there are options for almost anyone. By going through residual income you won’t be thinking about the bill paying and rent stuffs as you will be having an enough balance as an extra in your saving account. Let me tell you friends residual income is not the source of permanent income; but can be a long-term income source. An extra $500, $1000 or more in your bank account will reduce your money stress and worries.

If you want to earn additional monthly income and start saving for retirement then you must have to check out the latest top 11 Best Residual Income Opportunities. Be always on your vacations with your smart passive income. Many of the great personalities have adopted one of these opportunities under and are living their rest of life peacefully.

What is Residual Income?

Residual income also known as “Passive Income can be defined as the revenue you earn even when you are not actively working.

Active Income is the money that stops coming to you when you stop working. If you get paid a salary and you quit your job or laid off, most likely you will stop getting paid. No one will pay you without his profit.

With Residual (Passive) Income, you will keep getting paid, whether or not you do any meaningful work. You may do a lot of work to roll out, but with passive income you eventually reach a point where the passive flow of income get’s activated. You can rely for a long term duration on this passive income.

Caution: Residual income doesn’t mean permanent income. Some forms of passive income may last for few years and some for a few decades and centuries, but all forms of income eventually dry up for one or the other reason. 

Best Residual Income Opportunities

Making money online is one of the easiest ways to make extra cash because It can be done without leaving the comfort at home. There are thousands of ways to earn online. The world is now available online. Your extra cash is waiting online, just you need to work a bit to grasp it all. All online stuffs are meant to make money online.

residaul income

Let me introduce some examples how one earn’s online? What let people have an online earning?

There are a number of ways by which one or the other is making money online. Some of the popular earning ways through online are-

  • Earning through your personal blog
  • Earning through online marketing 
  • Earning being a freelancer by your talent
  • Earning through affiliate marketing
  • Earning through YouTube 
  • Earning just by clicking ads
  • Earning through Facebook Advert
  • Earning by being an affiliate 
  • Earning being a promoter 

Above are few of the thousand sources to earn online. Usually great personality is revealed by YouTube only and it’s totally free, only you need to search for talent in you.

11 Best Residual Income Opportunities 2017

Below are the 11 best residual income opportunities which are assured of a long term passive income. Query regarding any of the passive income can be clarified by the comment provided in the comment section. Do share this post to make everyone aware about the passive income sources and its advantages.

  1. Start Earning By A Blog 

The best and one of my favorite income sources is Blogging. You can start a blog for free also. Blogging doesn’t need much time, but ranking the blog on Google takes some time. Earning through a blog takes time, but it’s the best residual income source for long-term duration.

You need to focus on choosing a perfect domain and niche. The two terms are very necessary for a blog. You will learn everything when you will begin with it. You can also start a blog through WordPress.

You can refer to these sites:

These are the top sites and an example of passive income. These sites will provide a step by step procedure to start and configure a blog.

2. Earn Though YouTube Monetization

You must be thinking earning through you must cost high? No, it’s totally free. Just you need to have a gmail account, a YouTube channel; that’s it. You can upload and monetize your videos from setting options to show ads on it, which will make a way for your income. It’s one of the best residual income opportunity I know. Below is the motivational speech by the Top-YouTuber of 2016. Do subscribe the channel for latest video updates.

Nothing much is to be done, if you don’t have any talent to show to the audience just edit a video by replacing the audio track to something interesting and that’s it, upload it and earn. You need to collect subscribers anyhow, the more are the subscribers to your channel the more you earn. Try to earn organic subscribers.

3. Start A Freelance Business

To start for your own business, first you need to gain knowledge being a Freelancer. Grasp some project by your interest on and complete the project. Completing the project will rate you higher and people will start knowing you with your work. To be known by your own talent is really a very honorable moment.

Freelance business is personal business based on interest. If, You are having interest in app designing you can open a business related to that online. This way of passive income needs a lot of knowledge.


You can work as a Freelance On Fiverr with the qualities you have in you. You will be paid for your talent and your knowledge there.

4. Create An Online Course

If you are having core knowledge of a subject or field, the best residual income opportunity is to make money through conducting online courses and spreading your valuable information.  Any skilled can be marketed, either as a short-term course or a long term course.

Each and every stuff has some value, the thing is you need to recognise it’s right value 

Ankit Tewari

The key to success in online courses is to provide ideas and proofs on value of money and methods to adapt the values. Online courses can be related to any of the subjects like Mentalism, Psychology, Gaming tricks, app designing, etc. Every knowledge has its value and you by creating an online course is getting value as a money to that knowledge. You must have heard the famous quote- “Knowledge Is Power”.

5. Buy Stuffs And Resell It

Yeah, buying old stuffs or reasonable stuffs from ebay, olx, etc., and selling it manually having a shop can be a best income opportunity. This business seems to be popular nowadays as people with the trends sell their newly stuffs or less used stuff at a cheaper rate on these sites. Just you need to have a survey on a specific stuff you require and buy it from the online owner of the product and resell it manually at a reasonable price including your profit. Some old stuffs are having a high quality than the upcoming one’s, where selling price must be increased to have a profitable income.

6. Network Marketing

Network marketing is also known as multi-level marketing and is one of the best passive income streams. Joining a network marketing company means you to be the part of that company. The goal for some becomes to be a leader because being a leader you can earn more. If you join a team with a weak leader, you won’t like network marketing. But if, your leader knows how to encourage people to make a team and build people and work, you could make successful earning up to $5000 per month. Make sure you have ample time to quit if you decide the opportunity is not for you.

7. Affiliate Marketing

There are ample of ways to connect with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the topmost best residual income opportunity stream. You can earn through affiliate marketing by giving your affiliate link on your own blog or you can simply copy your affiliate link and rotate it in your group circle and ask them to rotate others. At any purchase with your circulated or given affiliate link you would be getting percentage income according to the purchase a buyer had done with your affiliate link.

residaul income opportunites

One of the topmost hosting site named Bluehost also provides the affiliate services and pay a reasonable and impressive amount of percentage. I will like you to be an amzon or bluehost affiliate to earn alot per month. Yes, its really happens just you need to have a startup.

8. Participate In Online Surveys

You can earn online just by a sign up to survey websites. You can also earn by reviewing things online, giving your opinion to the stuff. There are also many survey websites which pay for the clicks on ads. The websites are made to have clicks which can in turn profit you with.

Companies hire focus groups as a way to test out a new product before it hits the market, they do it to be sure that it will make money for them. Surveys and focus groups may not make you a millionaire overnight, but can make you earn $100-$300 per month just by giving your opinion and reviews.

=> Top survey websites and focus groups to earn money online

9. Edit Videos

If you are having a video editing skills then this is one of the  Best Residual Income Opportunities. If you’ve got creativity and technical skills, consider using them to make peoples videos into a cherished keepsake or a powerful marketing tool.

Editing video skills can help you to make money on youtube also. Just take some videos and edit them with your skills and upload it on youtube. Your editing talent can help you to earn $500 – $1000 per month. You can sell your videos by editing it to the needy one’s.

10. Rent Out Equipment That You Own

One of the best residual income opportunities includes rent out of your equipments. You can also rent out the spare room for the college students or well known people with an agreement and complete paperwork. If you want some extra cash but don’t want to deal with tenants, consider using the extra space in your home or garage as a rentable storage area for other people’s stuffs. You can rent anything you want by giving ads on Facebook or Criagslist.

11. Tutoring

People of all ages, either young children to high school one’s, college students to even older all utilize tutoring services for a variety of subjects which can be a best residual income opportunities. Kids and college students also need tutors for subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Maths,etc,. And adults also seek tutoring for learning English or different activities such as operating devices. Offer your services at local schools, coffee shops or an Criaglists.

Residual Income is the best way to get on the road of financial freedom. Some money making avenues require more labor, but for some time, your patience is your weapon in the field of residual income. By this you can have a secure future for you and your family. 

Let us know your favorite ways to make money on the side? 

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