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The annoying part is restrictions and bans over different websites, and government are now censoring content more than ever. Check out the best and 100% working three methods to access blocked websites. These easy to use and simple to effective method including IP changer, VPN, extensions, DNS hack, proxy websites and others. 

How To Access Blocked Websites- 3 effective Methods!


Many of the countries are having their own laws and rules related to the different online processes which also includes blocking of unwanted or violating sites, which are having a negative impact to the people’s in that country somehow. Below are the three useful methods which will allow you to access blocked websites.

access blocked websites


1. Use Proxy Sites– Surf Anonymously

Boundaries restricting your access to some particular websites can be clarified by the use of proxy web servers or proxy sites. At the time, when you need to instant access blocked websites, proxy sites serves as a rescue method. There are more than hundreds of proxy sites available on the web.

How does it works? A proxy websites become a moderator between the user and the blocked site. When you provide the blocked website url on the proxy website, you will not be directly connected to the blocked website instead you will be connected to the proxy server which have the access to the blocked site because of its unique ISPs.

Some examples are as under:

2. Unblock Sites Via Extensions

One of the best in the three effective methods with simplicity to the ease of installation. Available for all browsers such as chrome, firefox and opera. I usually recommend to use these two extensions mainly Hola and ProxMate, these are the two extension which will provide an access to blocked websites.

How does it works? The best of VPN service is that it allows google to fetch the location as provided by you in place of your real location. For Chrome- Goto chrome://extensions and install the extension named Hola and provide the country of your choice and access all websites which could be accessed in that country.

3. Use CyberGhost VPN Service

VPN or Virtual Proxy Network is the internet service network which allows you to connect through a secure connection to another network over the internet. It allows you to access blocked websites from your home network keeping your IP hidden or safe, which means you are anonymous on internet. You can download paid apps in one country which is free in other country just by changing country in the app. This can be seen in the tutorial at the end.

=> How To Download CyberGhost VPN Premium Activated Version Full For Free

Download the cyberghost vpn app and surf anonymously and with a hidden IP. No one can see you surfing on internet, surf like a hacker.

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Tutorial For How To Access Blocked Websites Using VPN Service




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This post has driven all the information and useful tips regarding the access to blocked websites. All the information are to the best of my knowledge, any query regarding any of the software or trick, feel free to comment in the comment section or you can contact us through our facebook page.

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