How to Earn Creating Your Personal Blog Sitting At Home: Step By Step Guide & Tricks

Hello, here in this post I will be providing a complete guide on earning through your personal blog. “Blogging” is one of the prestigious and long term source of income in this present era. You can earn $2000-$3000 per month with long term paid service by google. Blogging is the legitimate and secure way to earn creating your personal blog. Continue reading

choose a domain name

How To Choose A Perfect Website Domain Name For Success: Beginners Complete Guide

As we all know, to start with ‘Blogging’ we all need a perfect website domain name which would play a very helpful role later on to get success. In this post I will drive you through up’s and down’s for a perfect or an imperfect selection of a domain name. Continue reading

Trending Keyword Research Tools Download 2017: Rank High On Google

Hello, Working with SEO thoroughly and ranking on Google search engine has now become easy with the help of trending keyword research tools with free download available here. With the help of these tools you can easily work with trending keywords with your keyword research and research on trending keywords are the core to rank your page up. Perfect keyword analysis is required to be done and it’s now easily possible with trending keyword tools available for free download on different platforms which I would reveal here for your benefit.

After creating a website you continuously work on it by writing posts, adding images, impressive quotes, various topics related to your niche, but you find that you are not ranking well in Google after your hard! Which is a common concern it, lack is not on your website, but the content and the keyword used are either highly competitive or you are not writing on the trending keywords in your post which is very necessary and trending keyword research tools are very very important for a blogger. Keyword research cannot be done by typing every keyword on Google and searching its competition by the search results, it has been easier now with the trending keyword research tools, free to download here, which is to be discussed below by me and here I go with various tools for you easily downloadable as plugins in WordPress:

trending keyword research

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Trending Keyword Research Tools: Free Tools

Do you want to flood your site with unique searches and organic traffic?

These tools will definitely help you as they are SEO friendly, helping you to rank up easily with organic traffic. Within few days you will see amazing results that’s my personal experience. Here we go into detail with the tools…

#1. SERPs Keyword Research Tool:

This tool is not much popular, but is one of the best keyword analysis tools for 2017 analytics as after typing your keyword just you have to click search and you’ll see the number of search results.


  • This tool shows detailed information about an individual keyword including Keyword volume, keyword CPC and the present value of that keyword.
  • Totally Free
  • SEO friendly

SERPc research tool

Try SERPs Tool Here

#2. LSI Keyword Research Tool:

Start generating Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords for your SEO needs with free LSI Keyword Generator tool available here. These tools are not so popular at a high level as SEMRush, Jaaxy, Spy FU, etc., but are never laid in their capacity with their results and performance it will be provided when you will try it. It is one of the best trending research tools I have used till now.


  • No SignUp required
  • Just type your word and click generate resulting keywords will start showing easily
  • SEO friendly keywords will be generated
  • Totally Free

LSI keyword generator



To get tons of long tail keywords for your seed keywords we can use Keyword tool. And friend’s this is the fact that long tail keywords ranks faster that short keywords in SEO, you can make profit from this profitable key fact. Adding alphabets to the beginning and end of your seed keywords gives a natural keyword resource that can be used in your blog post which is termed as long tail keyword in simple language.


  • Displays huge number of related keywords
  • Keywords can be used as LSI keywords in your blog post

LSI Keyword or Latent Semantic Index based Keywords are the word phrases that are related to your primary keyword.

  • Totally Free and can be premium depending on you for more features
  • Highly SEO friendly tool


#4. Google Keyword Planner Tool:

Google keyword planner(GKP) helps in driving traffic to your site in a very less interval of time.  GKP is a part of the Google Adwords only, but it is the most popular and free keyword research tool out there providing facility for all newbie bloggers or a professional one for the use of keyword analysis. Easy step  to just enter your seed keyword and customize your filters for the resulting keywords and you will be provided with a bunch of results. Gmail account login is required.


  • Gives largest range of related keywords
  • Friendly Google knowledge tool
  • You can plug in live URLs to filter out the keywords that page is ranking for or trying to rank for

google keyword planner

Try Keyword Planner

#5. Keyword Eye Tool:

Keyword Eye lets you  filter your researched keywords based on different language, country just like in any other premium tools. But, it can also be set to calculate or research about the specific keyword and its potential too.


  • Not only saves your time but also can help you cherry pick the best keywords for SEO
  • Returns data in a visual graph
  • You can further research each keyword for their synonyms, auto suggests checking for user search strings without leaving the site

Keyword Eye Tool

Try Keyword Eye Tool

#6. UberSuggest Tool:

UberSuggest is a basic keyword research tool that gives you enough keywords by simply appending letters to the end. This helps you to get access to so many long tail keywords that can be used in your upcoming niche sites or even in the main blog. This is the tool personally used by me and friends I am enjoying using it as it’s the best trending research tools for long tail keyword.


  • Helps in finding competitiveness of a keyword for free
  • Gives a huge number of keywords that can be further researched by clicking on the “plus” sign near the keywords
  • Below resulting keywords it gives details for its google trend at the present time
  • Gives the facility to expand the keyword in the result zone

UberSuggest tool

Try UberSuggest Tool

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Trending Keyword Research Tools: Premium Tools

These are the popular tools which can be purchased by the developer for your keyword research purpose. I will be discussing it in brief and you can prefer it if you are interested. All details about the tool will be provided in the Try box below the referred tool.

#1. SEMRush Tool:

SEMRush is one of the  secret weapon that you need to beat your competition with keyword research. While most keyword research tools give you result for relevant keywords based on your seed keyword, SEMRush goes a step forward by helping access over what keywords your competitor site ranks for helping in to get ahead of your competitor.


  • Trial available for 30 days
  • Complete suite of keyword research tools in the SEO market
  • Allows hunt for your competitors keywords and their competitors keywords too

SemRush Tool

Try SEMRush Trial

SEMRush Premium Plans: SEMRush Plans

#2. Long Tail Pro Tool:

Here comes the most popular and powerful trending keyword research tools free download for you, Long tail Keyword is a premium tool for all the good reasons. Many SEOs believe that LTP helps us find keywords that could never be discoverable with the Google keyword planner. One of the perfect in trending research tools I used.


  • Helps to find long tail keywords containing a definite number of words
  • Customizable search options include giving a definite range of searches per month with the country to target
  • LTP helps you to find up to 800 keywords per seed keyword entered by you
  • The best keyword research tool for ranking purpose

Long Tail Pro

Try Longtail Pro

Long Tail Pro Premium Plans: Long Tail Pro Plans

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Rank On Google

Trick To Rank On First Page Of Google On Top Results + SEO Amazing Tricks 2017



Hello, Optimizing  any article on your website and learning how to rank on first page Google has become easy with few tricks available which are waiting to reach your expert mind  and today here I am going to share some tricks by which you will not only be able to rank on first page Google but also you will have a strong grip on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You might hire expert SEO services for easy tuning of your work, but anyone can do most of the important work by themselves.

Ranking on Google’s first page is not possible till your site is optimized for Google search engine ranking factors.

On Page Ranking Factors for First Google Page

These steps will not guarantee you rank on 1st page of google but it does tell you what you need to do to increase your ranking on that platform.
Everyone is looking for well presented with step by step information through which he can easily rank on the first page of Google and in the eyes of your website visitors so here I have tried to make it all easy for you, just follow these simple steps.

Let’s start at the top of any page and with the methods below:

1. Your Website URL

  • Your domain name should be short and related (if possible) to your niche. It helps if you can keep your product, post or service URL short.
  • Having short-domain-name is not essential, but short domain name plays a beneficial role in good marketing. Taking an example of domain which is not short  but is the most popular board game website on the web.
  • Most important is to keep in mind is that search engine and visitors will find using your website easier when you use URLs that accurately describes your content of the page. Yes, we are here talking about Keywords, words which clearly describe what you do or to the topic on which you want traffic.
  • It is far better for both Google and visitor in understanding your page content  Get ready with a unique keyword for your content and here’s a simple trick to do so, secret for finding keywords is too easy and free of  cost – just ask your few friends what they generally search on Google, also ask from your family that’s it collaborate their content in your manner and their forms is your Keyword.
  • URLs are vital to SEO. URLs used makes it easy for Google to index your site, which means usage of dashes and dots should be neglected as possible because Google can’t read it. Simple language should be used which should be familiar to the reader you are pointing to.
  • If you are fresher in this field and want to start your own site, domain name is primary factor required as mentioned above. Domain name is essential which can be searched on Vidahost, I found it beneficial
What to use .com .Net .in or any other variation?

Factor to target: Is your business trying to target local market?

If you belong to the real estate game and your target audience is in Australia, you must go with.  com .au. If you have a site belonging to downloaded digital products you should prefer .com as it will catch a wider audience. Not as a point of disappointment, but to make you aware .com has a very high competition but that’s ok, we can then also rank on 1st page of Google search engine.

Don’t Feel Like Reading? Watch How To Rank On Google First Page With Proof

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2. Your Meta Title

  • Meta Title is a reference to your page title, which tells Google in few words about what your page is. If you will not specify it Google itself will guess that
  • It is somewhere up near the top of your page code and is in default mode in many platforms such as WordPress, Magneto, Joomla, Prestashop, etc.
  • Search engines including Google likes to see a consistent title structure from the top down
  •  The title tag should only be used once and it can differ from your H1 Headline, if your site gives a separate label for your title which most platforms generally do
  • Most effective page titles are about 30-50 characters long with spaces, making it sure that title must contain your best keywords
  • Only characters and words you use will determine whether your entire page title will be seen in a Google search engine or not
  • To ensure your full title tag seen in Google search engine don’t exceed 65 characters

3. Your Meta Description

  • Meta description does not appear on your on page. It  appears in the source code and Google reads it to decide what actually your article is about
  • Most effective meta descriptions should be within 70-160 characters long
  • Yours meta descriptions should be concise and contain your best keywords. It can also contain calls to action its on you what other options you need to show on your page search on Google
  • Make sure each page of your website has its own meta description to avoid any duplicate content. Google won’t punish for duplicate content used in Meta Description
  •  For your site title and description simply use your right mouse button, choose Source and then hit control F and type the word ” title ” in the search box and it will then take you to the title tag of that page

4. H1 Headline

  • H1 Heading is the title of your article as it appears on your webpage and it may be different from the title you want to rank on 1st page of Google
  • If Meta Title is not provided, then this is often the title that Google will give to your article in search results
  • If already used a separate title tag for search, you have some relief to increase length of the article targeting your Keywords which will be helpful for ranking purpose
  • These H1 tags provide Google information about what’s important on your page. They back up the title tag.

Points To Remember:

  1. The H1 tag is the most important tag and it should never be skipped on a page. It should contain a basic description of the page content, just as the page <title> does.
  2. Relevancy of the header tag with the content associated with it is checked by the search engine
  3. Keyword consistency between header tags and other part of the page is checked
  4. Heading tag is helpful as it provides a brief idea of what a page content is actually about

5. ALT Tags and Keywords

  • Keywords are words that provide users and search engine with exact purpose or aim of your website. It can be short or long tail in the world of web
  • Taking an example of  a short keyword it can be, “Tricky stuffs”. If your page is talking about tricky stuffs you want to make sure this word appears on your page
  • “Tricky Stuffs” might also be highly competitive and so unless your site is actually called “” you may want to build up your page using long tail keywords
  • The best part of long tail keyword is that they are easier to rank for in the early days. They build up authority, if used on all relevant pages of your site so that one day you just might rank on Google 1st page  your provided keyword
  • Choose a Keyword which is typed or used less so that competition will be less and you will easily get ranked on  page1st on Google. Sentences like “Where would I find Tricky Stuffs“, Of course, there are fewer users typing it in Google search engine so it will it be ranked automatically on 1st page
  • On opening account on Google Adsense you will be able to check common keywords usage also you can check foe similar search and related features that appears in the bottom of Google’s search page  to research keyword opportunities
  • You can get ideas from the Ads by Google as they are paying a lot of money for those ads and for the clicks they had researched lot to create those ads
  • Repetitive keywords should be used less as it creates difficulty for Google to figure out what to rank you for in Google search engine

6.  Image Attributes and ALT Tags 

  • ALT tags are similar to  title tags and description tags helping Google to understand your pictures, try to use them on very image and make them all different
  • Make sure ALT tags relate to your article or product and build on your main keyword phrase
  • For example, “Rubber Tub” is a suitable ALT tag having a photo of a rubber tub. “Affordable Rubber Tub” might be a good tag to use with your image as Title tag
  • Imaging within sites makes your site more user friendly. Blocked images are a concern not to prefer ads, but text on images are seen and sometimes audible on the page
  • You must try to have your images seen in Google search results it will be a bonus as viewers found beneficial preferring images

7. Your Internal Links

  • These are the backlinks telling Google about further important information which it should go through, they simply point to other information on the site
  • One who has learned  How to rank on First page of Google has learned this lesson of internal linking as it laid the foundation of all SEO efforts.
  • Limited time that Google spends on your site the final point is for it to be confused about where you want to be ranked and which pages are your highest priorities.
  • Avoid artificial internal linking and focus on natural approach accordingly to your topic. Not only Google is the one ranking your page, but also you want it to rank on Google 1st page algorithm

Importance of Internal Links:

  1. In navigation of a website by the user
  2. Establishment of information chart for the given website
  3. They help in spreading ranking power around websites.

8. Your Outbound Links

  • Linking other sites on your page for more information regarding your topic is a more relevant way to gain Google’s attraction as it helps visitors to gain what they actually are looking for is doesn’t matter from where they are getting their information, you are providing information by what you have posted just this is what Google wants it makes your website more valuable resource
  • Providing spam links for clicking or for visitors attraction should be avoided, links provided on your site must be linked to quality resources which will improve your reputation with real visitors that ultimately leads to more inbound links and higher response rate
  • Good selection of outbound links results in bookmark of visitors tab which it may use as jumping off point which will make a great benefit to you. Try to gain trust by your knowledge.
  • Always allow further links to be opened in a new tab as it will decrease bounce rate of your page.
Keys to be Noticed:
  1. Try to link to pages which actually are covering your linking topic with proper description with easily understanding images and never try any spam 
  2. Try to link  high rated blogs or successful blogs 
  3. Try to link to others in your niche for valuable network
  4. Keep them no-follow on most occasions

9. Your Page Speed

  • Google gives favor to fast loading websites. If you want to rank on First page of Google results listing you have to make your website faster without compromising site quality and value
  • Check the speed of your website that can be checked here
  • Page loading time is becoming a more important factor when it comes to ranking attributes as visitors care more about loading time.
  • Research by several experienced high graded sites proved that 1second delay in page response can result in 7% of reduction in conversions which can be in term of dollar as an income.
  • A while back, Marissa Mayer of Google shared after having a research that an additional delay of 0.5 seconds to page load time caused a 20% drop in traffic. Amazon has also found that a millisecond can cost them millions
  • Under 2seconds is what you should aim for your website loading time.
  • Use of CDN can increase your availability and performance its not free.

What is CDN?

A  content delivery network (CDN) is a globally distributed network of proxy servers deployed in multiple data centers. The aim of a CDN is to serve content to end users with high availability and high performance effecting positively on the speed of the web page.

Speed Equals Money. Visitors want speed and If page loading time exceeds 3 seconds they will leave

Other ways to speed it up?
Having CDN is not possible for everyone as it costs high, so here are few helpful measures to speed your websites:
  • A good and reliable hosting is necessary
  • Image size should be small
  • Avoid linking and depending on external feeds where possible

10. Your Sitemap

 What is a Sitemap?
Simply a sitemap is an XML file that consists of your individual web page URLs. It’s like bundle of every webpage in your website. This file should be easily viewed on your  site in order for search engine crawlers to stumble upon it.
What is the importance of sitemap?
A Sitemap is simply used for the purpose in which search engine crawlers follow the links to all your individual webpage so that it won’t miss out anything. Manually hidden URLs are difficult to crawl to search engine spiders.
How to Create a Sitemap?
Users not using WordPress can generate their sitemap by following few steps here XML Sitemap generator tool  and WordPress users can simply install Google XML Sitemaps plugin this will help you to generate an XML sitemap without having to do anything but activating it. Your created sitemap can be found on the address link like this : http://YourURL/sitemap.xml
How does Sitemap effect SEO?
Your effort will be successful when search engines will see all the pages that you want to show them. Increase in number of pages increases- trust of Google as it understands that you are having more beneficial information increasing sometimes your rank also. Making sure the search engine spiders get to crawl from your website is the exact purpose of the sitemap.
NOTE: Get your own Sitemap if you don’t already have one. It’s easy and necessary too

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Google Tricks

New Year Google Tricks Which Will Make You Love Google

Google Search Engine is the topmost platform for every search, here we get what we want what we like and even what we don’t like too is also here. Satisfying everyone with results is job of Google. Everyone uses Google for random queries, but it’s way more powerful than a traditional search engine. Check out here New Year Google Tricks which will make you  Love Google for its powerful satisfying work. This new year I will be making you aware with my google tricks about what can google easily do for better future use. These are the tricks few of you must be aware about, but many of you will find it new and slightly interesting so here we begin.

1. If you type in Google ” zerg rush “,  you will have to protect your search result to be eaten by Google’s o’s. 


2. If you type in Google Images ” Atari Breakout “, you can play Legendary Block Breaker with search results.


3. If you type in Google ” do a barrel roll “, Google will do roll for you.


4. If you type in Google ” google gravity ” and click at side option of ” I am feeling lucky “, it will make Google gravity mode on.


5. If you type in Google ” vs ” between two foods, it will let you know all useful differences required.


6. Origin behind any word can be known by adding ” etymology ” onto the end of your word.


7. Running Status of airline can be tracked just by typing ” flight name/flight number” in the search box


8. Complete information of Stocks will be provided just by typing in Google ” stocks: ” followed by stock name.


9. Searching for pdf or ppt on Specific topic? Just type topic and add ” :ppt or :pdf ” at the end.


10. For exact Search of your sentence put your sentence in quotation mark like ” sentence ” in Google search box.


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11. Set timer on Google just by typing ” set timer for ” followed by time in Google search box.


12. You can easily search for particular site linking to which other sites by just typing in Google ” link: ” and then target website name.


13. Searching in Google about name of holiday will tell you the exact date.



14. Don’t remember song name you heard? Just add ” * ” between your search result rest Google will try to find your search.


15. If you type in Google ” translate (language A) to (language B)”, Translator opens. 


16. Want to know sunrise or sunset time just type ” sunrise nyc ” or ” sunset nyc ” in Google search box.


17. On any search in Google, click ” search tool ” for better preferences and tools related to your search topic.


18. Search within any particular site by just typing in Google ” site: ” followed by the URL of the site and search term.


19. By just adding ” or ” between any two search term Google searches for both on a single page.


20. Leading entertaining factor GIFs can be easily available just by typing your search term in Google and clicking search tool and changing Type to ‘Animated’.

These are some trick you must be aware about and its interesting by my thought more tricks related to Google are available here..Enjoy these New Year Google Tricks and if you find it interesting do follow and share our page.

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