CyberGhost VPN v6 Premium Full Download [Crack + Key] Pro Activated Trick

Hello, one of the most common problem these days, faced by us is online spammers. These are creating a mess on working platforms and also affecting our personal details. To get rid of these spammers, here’s  CyberGhost VPN v6 Premium Full Download, which will not only provide spam block, but also changes the exact IP address so that one could not find your exact device or location.

CyberGhost VPN v6 Premium Full Download Latest [Preactivated Premium Pro] CyberGhost VPN is the software which allows you to access the virtual world safely. It also allows you to surf anonymously, you will not be there with an eye on a particular due to change in network access or IP address. This software has unlimited features as compared to other VPN softwares. Here below you can download the cyberghost vpn v6 with premium access. Get full version with crack and surf like a hacker.


  • Surf Anonymously– NO one can see your exact IP or location
  • Access to blocked sites– Sites like, etc, are a concern for how to download movies as it’s showing blocked url. Now, after installing the app you can get access to blocked sites in your country.
  • Protect Your Wifi– You can protect your unknown router access with changing IP so that one could not hack it anyhow.
  • NO Complaining– Yes! No, complaint can be made by Google in the field of blogging by the google if you’d changed your current IP.
  • Multiple Social Access– Get access to Facebook, Twitter and other social media with changing country location to meet new friends.
  • Create Multiple Account– You can create multiple account on Gmail, Fb, etc, with a different location by the software.
  • Earn With Offers You can earn online, with different IP you can get the offer of that particular country on stuffs.

The best part with the software is that, with the premium or pro version you can change your IP according to your need. You can choose the viewers viewing location or anonymous location of your choice.

Note: The above feature is only available with the premium version

CyberGhost VPN v6 Premium Full

System Requirement: 

  • Windows Vista/7/8/10
  • 1GHz Processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 200MB Free Hard Disk space
  • .Net Framework should be updated (it’s always available)

How To Download and Install CyberGhost VPN v6 Premium Full

We had provided the installation tutorial at the end practically. You can simply follow these steps by reading or can scroll to the tutorial for a better understanding towards the installation process.

For Windows:

  1. Turn the network access to off mode; No data network connection should be established or disable wifi connection till installation.
  2. Now, download CyberGhost VPN v6 Premium Full (zip) from the given link at the end
  3. Extract the .rar file on your location; which contains 3files namely crack, cyber.exe and IE file.
  4. Install the cyberghost.exe file
  5. After installation popup appears that no service connection, click ok.
  6. Open task manager now and end task with the name Cyber Ghost Service
  7. Copy the file from crack folder and paste it to the installed folder by replacing the file
  8. All Set, now open wifi or data connection
  9. Start the software and click on a popup option always protect and you are protected from the time with the premium account version.

For Android:

  • Download CyberGhost VPN v6 from playstore under
  • Install the above downloaded app
  • Wait for the free slot for a few seconds
  • Yes! Now the connection is established
  • Surf anonymously Now

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Download: CyberGhost VPN v6 Premium Full | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2


Enjoy the software and as we always say for any queries and difficulties related to the software or installation, you can simply comment in the comment section or contact us.

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Tutorial For How to Download & Install CyberGhost VPN v6 Premium Full For Free


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