Download Best Android Nougat Official Launcher Apk: Tips & Tricks On Nougat 7.1

Android Nougat, one of the sweet release of Google. Launched in August 2016Android Nougat 7.0 has created a huge following for its better performance and user friendly OS. With multiple features such as split-screen, multi-windows, redesigned notification bar, data saver, battery saver, maintenance windows and much more; has made it famous all over the android market. Best Android Nougat Official Launcher Apk can be easily downloaded here. I will not only cover Best Nougat Launchers, but also provide Nougat based tips and tricks here for you.

Android Nougat is facing several issues related to battery, Bluetooth, Wifi, charging, installation, etc. This post will try to fix all your issues and rising queries on Nougat. To give your device a style based on latest OS named Nougat, launchers are provided. Nougat launchers are provided because Nougat is not available for all the devices. Launchers are available for all Android devices with cool style and best performance skill.

-Download Best Android Nougat Official Launcher Apk-

Below are the top four Nougat launchers with related features. Download Best android nougat official launcher Apk of your choice. Nougat Launcher Prime is one of the best nougat launcher with various features inbuilt in the app. The top four Nougat Launchers are here in front of you, choose according to your device requirement-


#1. Nougat Launcher 7.1 Latest Apk 


Lasped with latest features Nougat Launcher 7.1 is one of the best update on marshmallow OS replacement. The app will get an automatic official update as soon as the update is published. You have to choose your custom drawer style at the time of installation or after the installation. With plenty of features, Nougat Launcher requires just the Android 4.1 or above currently in the installation device. As a priority I will suggest you to download this N launcher in the top four.


Steps To Install Nougat Launcher

  • Download and Install the Nougat Launcher Apk from below
Super Launcher: Pixel Edition
Super Launcher: Pixel Edition
  • 2. Allow unknown sources from Settings>Security>Unknown Sources
  • 3. Now open the app and select N Laucnher option as a default home screen.
  • 4. All done. Now feel Nougat on your Android device..


#2. IN Launcher – Nougat 7.1 style


App launched on February 12, 2017– is providing a user friendly environment with its amazing features and without any performance issues arising. It is simple, stylish and highly attractive launcher with its valuable free features. I love this IN Launcher very much as it changes all the icon and complete style of the device. I must tell you to try it, You’ll feel like flying in the air. It is one of the best Android Nougat Official Launcher Apk in google play.


Steps To Install IN Launcher

  • Download and Install the IN Launcher Apk from below
The app was not found in the store. 🙁
  • Allow Unknown Sources in App permissions
  • Register with your Google account for a better experience.
  • Select IN Laucher as a default home screen when asked
  • All done. Enjoy the IN Launcher


#3. N Launcher – Nougat 7.0


With the Android 7.0 Nougat experience released on February 10, 2017N Launcher is one of the best Android Nougat Official Launcher Apk in google play with multiple features. Features of N Launcher include simple tasking system, Fast performance cache inbuilt, Light space launcher, which enables low space storage with fewer performance issues. Animation and Design of N Launcher is so attractive that it gives android device a well systematic view.


Steps To Install N Launcher 7.0

  • Download and Install the N Launcher 7.0 Apk from below
  • Unknown Sources to be allowed in app permissions
  • After installation, select N Launcher as default home screen or layout
  • Restart the device after complete installation is done
  • All done. Enjoy the app

The drawback of above three apps includes ads showing, which can be removed by purchasing Nougat Prime Launcher.


#4. Nougat Launcher Prime Apk


Everything is similar to N Launcher excluding the ads showing in N Launcher. As Nougat Launcher Prime is a pro version of Nougat Launcher hence it will not show ads on the side of the layout or app.  Let me remind you again, it’s a pro version, hence it is not free and cost some amount on google play. It is one of the best Android Nougat Official Launcher Apk in google play with paid features such as your own custom styles, font style, app style, icon editor, and much more.


Steps To Install  Nougat Launcher Prime

  • Download and Install the Nougat Launcher Prime Apk from below
Super Launcher Prime
Super Launcher Prime
Developer: ismail Akkulak
Price: 7,99 €
  • Allow Unknown Sources from app security settings
  • After installation, restart the device
  • A screen appears with asking for permission to set Nougat Launcher Prime as a default dome screen. Selectively allow it.
  • All done. Enjoy the app

=Tips And Tricks On Android Nougat 7.0 and Nougat 7.1 Update Here=

Nougat Launchers are just to make every device look stylish giving Latest Android Nougat experience to all the devices. Launchers are really attractive as they include various stylish fonts and features which gives an attractive look to the Android device. You can choose one of the Best Android Nougat Official Launcher Apk of your choice by their different features.  For any query regarding launcher or Nougat Update, don’t forget that comment section is all yours. Do comment and get the appropriate solution to your query.

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