How to Earn Creating Your Personal Blog Sitting At Home: Step By Step Guide & Tricks

Hello, here in this post I will be providing a complete guide on earning through your personal blog. “Blogging” is one of the prestigious and long term source of income in this present era. You can earn $2000-$3000 per month with long term paid service by google. Blogging is the legitimate and secure way to earn creating your personal blog.

Complete guide on how to start blogging; is here in this post with detailed information on new Google Algorithm “Fred“. Just buying a domain name and a hosting server doesn’t mean blogging. Blogging comes with the talent in you.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is the platform for sharing your talent and unique ideas to the world. Blogging is a respectful niche to a life as millions of people online will read what you write for them; and this is a huge thing as teacher in a class can be respected by their students to whom he teach, but a blogger is respected by its work and knowledge. Blogging needs a passionate mind towards your likings.

A curious ‘mind’ gives birth to a ‘history creator’BLOGGER

The person who did blogging and write posts with valuable information is known to be a “Blogger“. Being a blogger you can set up a blog for fun or as a hobby that’s upto you only. To start blogging as a blogger you need to focus on the content below very carefully.

What does it need to Start Blogging?


To be straight forward- Starting blog just to earn money is Useless. You need to search your liking in one of the fields or I can say you had to decide your niche before you began with blogging. Select a field to which you would be focussing and writing about which would be read all over the world. Various Niche to be covered for your blog are below-

  • Health & Nutrition
  • Gaming
  • Relationship
  • Psychology
  • Mentalism
  • Technology
  • Reviews
  • History

These are few of the niche. There are numerous amount of high and low competitive niche available. The most important thing you need to start blogging are as under-

1- Choose a perfect niche for your blog before you start.

2Choose a perfect domain name for your blog before you start.


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Earn Creating Your Personal Blog Within 5Minutes


Before starting a blog you need to keep it in mind that earning through a blog is not one night game, it needs a lots of patience and time too. Earning with a blog only takes some time otherwise working on a blog is a straight forward process to create a quality content. It takes not more than one hour to write a quality content.

Let me clear you- ‘Blogging‘ does not cost tons of money as you must be thinking that it would take a lot of money to start with it, but that’s not totally true. It took’s some reasonable price to start and somewhere it’s free for beginners.Just you have to invest few in puchasing a domain and on web hosting that’s it. Best platform available to perchase free domain and web hosting as reasonable price with multiple offers is BLUEHOST. World’s topmost web hosting secure server is bluehost.

Free Platform To Start A Website:


  2. WIX

The above two are the free platforms to start with a website, but the best platform is WordPressWordPress is the most used platform for generating post and it is SEO Friendly with thousands of plugins.

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Why not to choose the free platform to start a Website?


Reason behind not to choose a free platform for a website are as under-

  • Restrictions: Many limitations are there in a free platform such as blogger. Links on the sitemap of a website has to be updated manually and many other loop holes including no control on meta-description are a part of free platform.
  • Improper Customisation: Customisation is not totally in your hands. Free themes on bloggers and wix has their own tags and their label sometimes, which is a reason of concern at the time of adsense approval.
  • Not Enough Space: Limited space is provided for uploading images, videos and audios including posts
  • Ranking: Ranking is the most effective criteria for traffic on a website which gets diminished working on a free platform as it take up to three months for a free platform to come on Google pages.While with WordPress you can be on google 1st or 2nd page within a minutes.

Why To Choose WordPress?


WordPress hosting is the best hosting for all tasks applied on your blog or website. You can earn creating your personal blog on WordPress very easily. WordPress contains number of plugins which would help you to customise your website and posts independent on the knowledge about coding. If you are not a coder then also you can work very easily. You can start with a reasonable price.


How does it Cost to Start With WordPress is the concern resolved now. Ultimate Guide to Start with WordPress is here.

Step By Step Guide To Earn Creating Your Personal Blog


You can directly Start with WordPress or by the hosting server from Bluehost Services. For any queries regarding setup of wordpress account or problem realted to buying hosting or domain, feel free to contact us.

Ultimate Guide For Starting A Blog Step By Step Is Under-

Step 1- Get A Domain Name


Domain name is the identity of your website as mine is Pick a domain name by reading how to choose a perfect domain name. Finding a perfect domain name for future purpose is not so easy. Try to get domain related to your niche.

Get your free domain from here with the recent offers. Already have a domain name then proceed to second step.

Step 2- Get A Hosting Account


Go to Bluehost and click started now to start with a hosting account. Setup a hosting account for WordPress from Bluehost

Bluehost Homepage

The best platform with discountable price and latest offers is Bluehost. Get a hosting account from bluehost and install WordPress in it. Login into your bluehost account after purchasing the hosting account and install WordPress in it. All set login into your WordPress Account with your password and you blog is ready.

Feel free to write post after the setup of the theme. Customisation is easy with the foremost option provided easily.

Step 3- Install WordPress


Without installing wordpress you will not be able to accomplish a professional blog. You need to Install your WordPress very carefully. Do not forget or share your WordPress login Id and password.

Once the WordPress is installed and the account has been setup you will be notified by Bluehost through mail. Keep all the mails regarding WordPress and bluehost for future identification purposes.


[maxbutton id=”4″ url=”” text=”Apply For WordPress Account” ]


Step 4- Login To WordPress Account


After establishing the account on WordPress, login with your unique Id and password. Remove admin by your username. Create your own highly secured password. After the login Wp dashboard appears like under. Try to learn all the features by writing a simple post and publishing it.

wordpress login board

The post option seen on the dashboard is to be taken under consideration for writing a new article. Tips to search a keyword and to write on it is a logical process.

Unique Content is to be written“,You must have heard this line on Youtube or read everywhere but let me clear you that everything written by you and your own thought is a unique content because no one can read your mind. So feel free to write anything keeping viewers into consideration. Do not violate the rules by Google otherwise the blog can be deleted or blocked. Earn creating your personal blog with blogger for free here...


Step 5- Checkout Your Blog 


Apply theme which is simple and descent in the beginning and later you can change the theme into a vast as your preference. Theme like newspaper and magazine are best for starting a website.

Wordpress Dashboard

View blog option will define your blog and its appearance. Customise your theme in settings>appearance.Create a unique blog by which a visitor find your theme impressive and couldn’t forget your blog which increases traffic to your blog.

Bluehost: The Domain And Web Hosting Platform I Recommend


I would recommend sharply to use bluehost as your hosting server. I am using bluehost service since 2007 and till now I haven’t got a single complaint on his service. Earn creating your personal blog by the Bluehost- the best hosting registrar all over the world.

  • Ease Of Use
  • Full Support
  • Free Domain
  • Seasonal Offers
  • Weekly bonus
  • Satisfaction
  • Reliability
  • WordPress
  • Cost Cheap

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Instructions by the different registrar such as Godaddy, Bluehost, etc has their own criteria and limitations. Step by Step process for setup is provided on their official website. Just wake up you mind and start to earn creating your personal blog.

Create a blog with passion and work on it with patience. All needed in the blogging word is a lot of patience. Earning with a blog in a single night is the dream of every beginner but it’s practically not possible. Openly saying it takes 3-6 months to grow up the traffic. It can be minimized to one month also but only by your knowledge and hard work. Read and learn more and more being online. Explore things at a vast level to get into the post and then write about it.

You have to learn the Rules of the Game, and then you have to Play better than anyone else.

“Stay Tuned For Related Updates”

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