How to Get Skins in Minecraft

The world of Minecraft is inhabited by various creatures. Dreadful spiders, gallant knights, bloodsucking vampires, and peaceful villagers can make you a great company in this breathtaking game. A player also can choose his or her unique style and appearance in Minecraft. One can be an alien, a sweet lady, a hideous monster, or a merciless werewolf. Suffice it to change your skin to spice up the gaming process and get new impression.

The image you can see below is a standard skin of a player in Minecraft.

Please, meet Steve, a default character male skin in the game (the default character for female skin is Alex). You may find this skin pretty decent and nice to wear. Nevertheless, with the passage of time, you will undoubtedly get bored by it. The more sophisticated and experienced you become, the more unusual and unique skin you will require. Of course, no one would like being considered a newbie, since only beginners are commonly believed to confine themselves to default character skins. Fortunately, the process of getting and changing Minecraft skins is fairly easy.

Changing Skins in the PC Edition

With the updates to the game, changing skins has become even simpler and more convenient. Now you are offered several featured in-game skins you may change depending on your mood and desire. To get  a skin in-game you can utilize “Skin Chooser.” You will need to click on the icon of clothes hanger that is located under your character on the main screen to activate this handy feature, which allows you previewing and choosing various looks. There is a variety of skins that can be utilized for free. Still, you will also see those that can be purchased with Minecraft coins. Paid in-game downloadable skins are marked with a white lock.

Changing Skins with Internet Downloads

Frankly speaking, very few players decide to limit themselves to in-game skins and never try to access a variety of great skins that can be downloaded from the web for free. Every day enthusiasts of Minecraft crate and share countless skins via the Internet to make the world of their favorite game look more exciting, fresh, and appealing.

You are encouraged to follow several easy steps to find and then download Minecraft skins from the web.

At first, you will need to download Minecraft skins that suit your taste from a reliable site, such as skins4minecraft.com.  Make sure that you have remembered the name of the folder after finishing downloading. You can also rename your file in accordance with the downloaded content, which will make it easier to organize your skin collection.

Then, you will need to log in to your Minecraft profile. We are more than sure that the procedure of logging in with your account is quite familiar to you.

Next, upload the newly acquired skin from the profile page. To do it press the “Browse” button and navigate through your folder until you find the necessary content. Once the skin is found, do not hesitate to click on “Upload” and wait for the confirmation message to pop up.

Fire up your game, if you haven’t done it yet and log in. Still, you were running Minecraft at the moment of downloading new skins, you are encouraged to exit the game and enter again. Next, load up any world and push F5 button to check your new lookout.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Customizing Skins in Minecraft

The updates to Minecraft made it possible for you to customize your skins without installing any game mods. You can select a fancy dress, a conspicuous hat or an armor that perfectly suits your skin. Go to Options, then select “Skin Customization” and voila!

As you can see getting and changing Minecraft skins is not that difficult. New skins can enhance and customize your experience with one of the most popular contemporary games. So, go ahead and try new looks.

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