Mini Militia Cheats + Secret Doors (No Hack/Mod) 2018 Guide

Hello gamers, today I will be sharing the latest mini militia cheats and tricks to win the game in the normal version without the use of hacks and mods of the mini militia game. No mini militia mod is used in cheats and tricks. The mini militia game has some unrevealed truths including secret doors which will be revealed here in this post.


If you are here, then you must be a mini militia game lover. Are you fed up with hacks and mods of the mini militia game? Want to know tricks to win the normal version of the mini militia? Don’t know about secret doors in mini militia game? No worry! Everything with proof is discussed in the post.

Mini Militia Latest Cheats + Secret Doors + Tricks

Today,  we will see the cheats and loopholes in the mini militia game, which will help you to win the game easily. The best part of the cheat is that it does not require any hacks or mods of the mini militia. No mini militia wallhack is used here. It might come to your mind that this is the wall hack mod of mini militia, but it is not.

Mini Militia Cheats

There is some mini militia latest cheats working with the mini militia latest v4.0.36. Make sure to try the cheat freely as they are 100% tested and secure.

1- Use Melee To Boost Your Speed And Damage

Yes! The melee attack is the most effective attack. Melee also increases your boost speed and moving power. Melee also helps at the time of sniper shot, it resists the effect.

2- Crouch When Enemy Attacks

When your rival shoots at you make sure to crouch (sitting). Crouching helps more at the time when your enemy throes Grenade at you. If you cannot escape the grenade being thrown at your way, you can reduce the damage to your end by crouching.

3- Shield Will Be Your Best Saviour

No primary weapons can have a damaging effect on the shield. If you’re holding the shield, try to have a shotgun as your secondary weapon. This will help you when someone tries to kill you by the melee attack.

4- Make Use Of Dual Primary Weapon

Don’t try to have bigger weapons for more kills. Try having the dual pair of primary weapons. The dual pair will affect more within the whole game. Bigger weapons took more loading time.

5- Invest In Battle Points

For increasing your rank and skill you need to have a plenty amount of battle points, which can be collected on playing online.  So to gain more battle points and achieve more, the best option to opt for the battles is multiplayer online or browsing options that allow other players.

6- Purchase Store Items

Now the battle points are the life-saving points as you can buy your upgrade from the store. Do invest your battle points at the right upgrade.

In total, 16 items are available for purchase in the DA2: Mini Militia Store 

Store Item Cost BP (battle points)
Boost Regen 1250
Health Regen 1000
Boost Increase 2000
Golden Eagle 250
Increase Accuracy 2000
Grenade +1 1000
Melee +10 800
Handgun Clip Extender 1250
Rifle Clip Extender 1500
Laser Sight 1000
Gas Grenade 500
Faster Reload 1 1000
Faster Reload 2 1500
Mask Pack 1 500

7- Mini Militia CHeats Chat Codes

Here are some mini militia cheat chat codes which may be used during play or off play as text chat.

  • BI – bring
  • UK – loan up
  • LG – let go, yes
  • NN – noooooo
  • GS – get
  • CM – cover me
  • HH – A perfect fighting machine
  • MO – move out
  • CB – come on boy
  • GG – Good Game
  • WP – You want a piece of me!
  • NS – Nice shot
  • GM – Oh, they told me!

8- Use Deadly Weapon Combination

Use the revolver to take down players with low health at a Medium range instead of the Uzi.

Close Range – Shot Gun and Flame Thrower.

Long Range – Sniper Rifle, Saw Cutter, and Rifle. You need great skills to use them

Medium Range – M4 (5x) and AK47 (4x)

9- List of Mini Militia Cheats Codes

These are some unrevealed code you may try inside the game.

  1. Auto Shield – AS-197io12HTV
  2. Extra Bullets – EB-RLi97Typ4
  3. Melee Attack – MA-RDi027474
  4. Weapon Upgrade – WU-MN45789

10- Copy & Paste While Chatting

Don’t reply by writing the text in the game time. Instead copy your best line earlier and paste while chatting in the text in between the game.

So, this was all about the Mini Militia Latest Cheats, which will help you to win the game more easily. The Battle Points serves as the best source of an upgrade to the weapons.



(Catacombs + No-Escape + Bottle-Neck)

The Mini Militia game has some loopholes in the game which has been working best for secret doors. You can escape easily through these secret doors. We will share the in-game screenshots of the three top-most levels mostly played online. Make sure to try these stunts. Here we go…


The first and the best level of the quick play are catacombs. Outpost serves as a competition to catacombs but has no secret doors as the stage is fully opened.

In the above image:

Door 1: The first image is to move outside escaping the enemies.

Door 2: The second door is also to move outside escaping the enemies.

Door 3: The third door is the way to come inside the home and ready to fight.

This will help when you are in trouble with health or ammo. I will recommend you to try at once.


The SECOND the best level of the quick play online game is no-escape. We will share the screenshots to escape in No-Escape

In the above image:

Door 1: The first image is to move outside escaping the enemies.

Door 2: The second door is also to move outside escaping the enemies.

Door 3: The third door is the way to come inside the home and ready to fight.


The third and the best level of the quick play online game is bottle-neck. We will share the screenshots to escape in Bottle-Neck.

The bottleneck has only one secret door to escape and because it’s fully opened stage so coming into the game is too easy.

Some Important Facts In Mini Militia

Through the screenshots we had tried to reveal the gunshots bugs in the mini militia game. You can now kill hidden enemies also with this trick. Watch the screenshots carefully.

We had shared the tricks for the most played Mini Militia Stage i.e, OUTPOST.

The above are the screenshots which clarify that you can kill your hidden enemies also.

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Final Words:

I hope you have read all the cheats carefully and prepared to apply within the game. All mini militia cheats are true to our knowledge. Don’t forget to share your valuable feedback in the comment section. Also you can request the mod of your choice from our website.

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