Mini Militia Toggle Mod Combo Latest Hack With Revealed Tricks 2017

Mini Militia old version lacks with the dual wield feature. What if you could hold any two weapons like dual sniper or dual launchers and shot both at a time? Yes, it’s now possible with Mini Militia Toggle Mod Combo version which is having lots of new and cool features. Holding any weapon combination in mini militia game is an introductory feature of this mod.

Mini Militia Toggle Mod Combo Hack 2017

Apart from the thought of carrying heavy guns, mini militia toggle mod combo allows you to access combination of any of the 15guns available in the game. The mod designed by is standing in the opinion by the viewers. It has collaborated all its features by the demand of the viewers. Cool features with the toggle mod is the part of your opinion only. I hope you will enjoy the mod.

Mini Militia Toggle Mod

Features of Toggle Mod Combo

All the features are tested personally so it would not be a part of query with the viewers. If, in case of a query you can contact us or can see the video at the end before downloading.

  • Mini Militia Toggle Mod With Unlimited Ammo
  • Mini Militia Toggle Mod With Long Range Shots
  • Mini Militia Toggle Mod With Pro Pack
  • Mini Militia Toggle Mod With No Reload
  • Mini Militia Toggle Mod With No Unlimited Boost
  • Mini Militia Toggle Mod With Any Dual Gun Access
  • Mini Militia Toggle Mod With Changed Background
  • Bypass Accidental Screen Lock
  • Increase Player Limit Online
  • Increase Game Time To Maximum

The hack has limited features as Dual Wielding of weapons is a great feature in itself with the mod. Let us know your reviews to the mod in the comment section to more modify it.

Installation Guide

We created this hack with complete modification on all .xml and library files with compressed apk resulting which you don’t have to meet with a mess. Just follow the instructions below to install it in a right way.

  1. Uninstall the previous version, if any installed
  2. Download the Mini Militia Toggle Mod Combo from this page and Install it with a direct link under
  3. If prompt for an update, Press update later

Two downloadable mods will be provided in the post- One with the changed background and the Other with the unchanged or old backgrounds. Download with your choice.

Download Mini Militia Toggle Mod Combo:  Changed Background

Download Mini Militia Toggle Mod Combo:  UnChanged Background

Revealed Tricks With Toggle Mod

Mini Militia 2 toggle hack works best when you choose the right combination of guns. The best example is the sniper with shotgun, which resembles enemy with a large range and will easy to be killed, in case enemy comes near a one shot is enough from the shotgun. Other best 4x zoom with the high damage combination is the combination of two AK47.

The above example is the way I like to play. You can use your own combination without worrying about the ammo. The key point trick is the gun in the right hand will have perfect aiming than the gun in the secondary hand, so choose accordingly.

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Final Thought

MiniMilitia Toggle Mod Combo Download is here with unlimited features to be downloaded. Revealed tricks for the game is quite interesting to the mod. Any query regarding the mod installation can be driven to us by the comment section we will reply as soon as possible. Subscribe us for latest updates.

“Stay Tuned For Latest Mods”

Mini Militia Toggle Mod Combo Video Tutorial: Guide 2017

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