Best Survey Bypass & Remover Tool 2018 – 3 Working Methods [Explained]

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Downloading and surfing in the online world is a kind of common stuff. Sometimes, downloading or surfing causes delay to us due to online surveys and popup ads. We are here with the working methods and tools to remove online surveys. Sometimes, download files are protected with some sort of time taking surveys. These survey bypass tools will help you to bypass or remove online surveys helping you to enjoy the internet world. So, here we bring some best and working survey bypasser tools, apps. You can bypass surveys with the help of these best survey remover tools.

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Why should we need to bypass the survey?

Now a day’s people mostly rely on the online source to get any kind of information. Be it a file download, search for an ebook, or even to search for any kind of information we use google only. But often we found that these different websites which will offer us some kind of file download or access to some information asks the user to be part of some survey. We might need to provide some personal information as well to participate in these surveys and we don’t know where these information’s are going. Third parties who displays these surveys are paid by the company upon successful completion of each survey, and they also team up with the site with some agreements that they make it compulsory to fill up the form by the user. These third parties and they may sale your personal information to someone, may use it in the wrong way as The GDPR (general data protection law) is still not established in India like Europe. So, the best thing is to skip the survey or Search for that content in similar or any other sites. But what to do if the same is not available elsewhere and the information you need is very critical in nature. In that case, we need to use some methods by which we can skip the survey

Best Survey Bypass/Remover Tools & Methods

Well many of us are unaware of the fact that online surveys can be removed and there exist the online survey remover tools. Below are the various methods discussed for bypassing surveys. Stay tuned.

Are there any methods available for bypassing survey?

There are many methods by which we can Skip the survey. Let’s start with basic and the easiest one.

Method 1: – Open the Web Browser and block the JavaScript

The programing language which works behind the survey bypass is JavaScript. So, if we can disable the javascript then we can bypass the survey. Below steps and images will help you to get to know how we can do the same.

Step 1: – Close the Survey page first. Open Setting of the Web Browser. Open the browser and in the top right corner you can find three parallel line as explained in the below figure, click on the same and open settings

online survey blocker

online survey blocker

Step 2: – Click on the settings and a new option will come as advanced settings, click on the same which will open a new tab ‘content settings’ as you can see in the image below

survey bypass tool

survey bypass tool

Step 3: – If we click on this option it will open the javaScript option

survey bypasser download

survey bypasser download

Step 4: -Open the javascript option and disable the same as the below image

online survey remover

online survey remover

Now if you try to open the same survey page, this time the pop up will not come. And post download you can enable the java script once again.

Method 2: – Skip using Inspect Element

This method only works in either chrome or Mozilla and does not work in Internet Explorer.  And secondly, if the website is asking for a survey by proving a link post downloading of the file this option will not work. It only works if the website is preventing you to download unless you complete the survey. Let’s check how to do the same.

Step: – Whenever the Pop up for the survey will appear, right click on the survey title and the choose the option ‘Inspect Element ‘, post that a window will open like this, and you have to delete the survey scripts as mentioned in the figure below.

survey smasher

survey smasher

Doing so, you can see the survey goes disappear.

Method 3: –Using Survey bypasser tools

There are many tools available in the market which claim that helps you in bypassing survey but not all works fine. Here I am trying to list down few of the tools which are successfully able to kill survey.

  1. Bypass survey online tool: – This online tool is famous for bypassing the survey of Guard Tunnel, Plunder, You Download, and Script Mafia by removing survey scripts and Objects and allow us to access the premium contents. This tool looks like this
survey bypass tool download

survey bypass tool download

How to work with the same?

Let’s go step by step here as well

Step 1: – First, open survey bypass site.
Step 2: – Copy download URL of your File and paste the same into the URL box of the site.
Some of the things the user should remember. You must mark these options Before clicking on the Go button –1. encrypt URL 2. Allow cookies 3. Remove Scripts and Remove cookies button.

Step 3: – After selecting this option click on Go button and site will remove survey within a minute.


  1. Survey Smasher Pro: This helps to bypass survey with a single click. What it does is to bypass the survey protection and upload the file of interest to a Mediafire link. It supports all common Survey-Providers such as FileIce and Share Cash. Survey Smasher Pro is totally registration free. Let’s check the procedure to download the same


Step 1: – Open the official website of Survey Smasher Pro for downloading and accessing the tool

Step 2: – Now copy the survey link into the URL (<Copy the Survey-Link here>)

Step 3: – It will bypass the survey websites and the user can directly download the files they wanted for.

Step 4: -The user also can save the links to their computer in case they need the same inthe future.

  1. Surveys Remover: – This is kind of a content locker which is free of cost and with the help of this user can download any locked file with is wrapped by a survey. Let’s discuss on some most common survey remover tools available in the market.
  • Using Survey – It is the simplest method to avoid online surveys. You just enter the website address, and you will redirect to access that content without finishing that survey.
  • Share cash downloader by share cash survey killer: – This is an online survey bypasser software that allows you to block surveys organized by Share cash. Step by step guide is written on how to use the same.

Step 1: – Open any of the Share cash survey killer application.

       Step 2: – Enter the Share cash URL from where you want to download the file.

  Step 3: – Click on ‘Download’.

                 Step 4: – Save the file.

This tool works by generating a direct download link for the original file which is in the    Share cash URL.

  • Using Browser Extension: – Along with different tools, there are also some extensions available which can be added with the different browser such as Mozilla or Google Chrome.


  1. Redirect by Passer: – This is an extension which needs to be installed in the browser. It only works with Mozilla Firefox. This extension can extract links from URL, can handle dynamic content and able to avoid frame pages. It helps to blocks unwanted ads and removes surveys from the download pages. This extension also helps in blocking the “survey overlay” and let the user download the file requested.
  2. Bypass Paywalls: – This extension also works similarly and the same can be used both in Mozilla and Chrome.

Are these Bypasser tools safe?

The short and simple answer is No. They don’t harm your computer, they just only help the user to block the unwanted surveys and offer the user a disruption-free browsing.

Does using these tools cost a user anything?

Again, the answer here is no as these tools are specifically built to deliver a user a simplified and convenient browsing experience without interrupting and if some of the surveys or link is asking for any money skip that line.

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