Mini Militia Mod One Shot Kill Apk 2017 Download: Unlimited Triple Kill Shots | Triple Damage

Hello, after going through the comments on my previous post of mini militia rank hack I found that many of you are searching for a new version of the mini militia game. Here today I will be providing the latest unrevealed version of mini militia game with amazing new interesting features. You can easily download the latest version of the Mini Militia Mod One Shot Kill Apk 2017 with a simple click. And one of the positive feature is that this version is without unlimited health. Continue reading

mini militia pro hack apk

Mini Militia Pro Hack APK v3.0.25 2017: Triple High Ranged Fire Shots | One Shot Kill + New Themed Maps

Good news, now Mini Militia Pro Hack Apk v3.0.25 released with various new features including one shot kill dead and guns with triple shots for an easy kill. In this version of Mini Militia Pro Hack Apk you can also see your rival’s life graph on your own screen also unlimited boost with new guns and multiplayer hack for team play. Cool Costumes and high skill ranking also available, resulting old versions such as Mini Militia Doodle Army 2, Mini Mitilia God Mod Hack, and others  behind him. Be the first to download and make your friend stubbed by your performance.

Mini Militia Pro Hack Apk v3.0.25

Mini Militia God Mod Drawbacks: In Mini Militia God Mod Apk you must be having unlimited health with hiding facility which must be sometimes making you feel boredom and irritating comments from your friends. Restrictions to pro pack features is also there.

Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 Drawbacks: In Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 you must be suffering from various restrictions such as can’t access the features of a pro pack. Zoom control, melee attacks and double wield featured with heavy weapons and modern grenades are not available in Doodle Army 2.

 mini militia pro hack apk

Mini Militia Pro Hack Apk 3.0.25: Benefits

  • One Shot Kill Mod
  • Mini Militia Pro pack, Unlocked
  • Behind Bush Easy Watch
  • Unlimited Nitrro
  • 5 New Maps  
  • Facility To Watch Rival’s Health Graph On Main Screen
  • Unlimited Bullets
  • Dual Gun Bug fixed completely
  • Melee attacks Upgraded
  • Team Battle Upgraded
  • Mini Militia Version 3.0.25

Features And Ranking Tips:

  • New Tools For Avatar Customization 

  • Double Weapon Holding Facility Available

  • All guns will be unlocked with the full pro pack

  • Easy high jump facility is available here

  • Access to all kinds of weapons and costumes are available

  • The Health bar of another player can be seen

  • The Exact location of another player can be seen

  • Triple bullet fire shots

  • Red line for easy target kill

  • Higher ranged bullet shots 

  • One Shot Easy Kill

  • Increase experience and skill rank

  • Unlimited cheats for points 

  • Gravity Mode is added for hiding and moving through walls

  • No rooted phone requirements

Easy way to increase rank of your avatar for a perfect game play: Tricks Here

Available For Windows Phone and PCs also get details here: Tricks Here

Mini Militia Pro Hack Apk Download & Install

Rank hack version is not available on google playstore so you can easily download it here. Mini Militia Pro versions links will be made available below. First follow steps to download pro hack apk..

  • First Uninstall the installed version (if any)
  • Download Mini Militia Pro Hack V3.0.25 from below link box

mini militia pro pack

Download Apk

  • Now install the downloaded APK file
  • Restart your mobile after installing to clear caches
  • Now open the app and enjoy the game..

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mili militia rank hack mod apk

Mini Militia Rank Hack Mod Apk | Rank High | Easy Kill

Hello players, you might be an extreme lover of this game if you are on this post and you must be, because this game has something seductive that we couldn’t stop it playing. Even I am also a mini militia player, but not as good as you all. Mini militia has become a huge multiplayer gaming platform with an increasing boom in various countries. Do you think online players skill rank is genuine? If so, you are absolutely wrong! They are simply using Mili Militia Rank Hack Mod Apk giving various platforms for easy hack of skill rank in the game. You can get unlimited skill rank as well as unlimited experience rank here just by following my trick. How to hack rank in mili militia? Today here we resolve it with the latest version download link provided..

Install Latest Mili Militia Rank Hack Mod Apk V3.2

To make your friends shocked and loose in the game first install this latest version which they must not be having. It has various newly included upgraded features.

mili militia v3.2


  • Full access to various mini militia costumes and avatars present
  • Get access to all guns on the online play easily
  • Ability to access rocket launcher and sniper anytime
  • Get machete and dual wield whenever necessary
  • Get Unlimited bullets and bomb with no reload
  • One shot kills also available

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How to upgrade to Mini Militia Hack V3.2

  • Make sure to uninstall the previous version if installed
  • Install the fresh new version from here: Mili Militia Rank Hack Mod Apk V3.2 mili militia rank hack mod apk
  • After installation of the latest version name yourself and choose your army costume
  • And here you are in the game

Now, after the above steps you must have easily installed Mili Militia Rank Hack Mod Apk V3.2 which would play a very helpful role in increasing your skill rank. This trick is also available for, mini militia hack pro and also for the mini militia god mod so you can apply this trick in those versions too. I will provide tricks for android as well as for iOS users too. Not wasting your much time here I go..

Increase Skill Rank Hack: Android Users


  1. Rooted device
  2. Root Explorer installed

Working Steps:

  • Firstly, Goto root explorer>root folder>data>data>com.appsomniac.da2>shared prefs
  • You will get the file named Cocos2dxPrefsFile.xml
  • Open the above file in a text editor
  • Page with code appears like below, you need to change the yellow portion

mini militia rank hack mod apk

  • Change “Lbkey.kills” value to your own choice as total skills you need
  • Change “Lbkey.experience.earned”  value to your own choice as total experience you want there
  • Now don’t forget to save the settings and delete the previous settings Cocos2dxPrefsFile.xml.bak .

mini militia android rank hack

Increase Skill Rank Hack: iOS Users


  1. You must have your device jailbroken.

Working Steps:

  • Go to Cydia and add the source as “[ratingwidget_toprated type=”posts” created_in=”all_time” direction=”ltr” max_items=”10″ min_votes=”5″ order=”DESC” order_by=”avgrate”]
  • Search there and install ifile tweak . ifile with question mark icon is free there.
  •  After installing the, ifile go to /var/mobile/applications and there will be many folders. Find the folder which contains folder. On my device 56E3497………627FE34 folder has
  • Now, open 56E3…..E34 folder>Library>Preferences.
  • Edit com.chatdown.da2.plist with a text editor
  • Now, search LBKey.experience.earned. You may find codes like below

mini militia rank hack iOS

  • Change the value pointed 1 in the image to change the experience value of your choice
  • Change the value pointed 2 in the image to change the total skill value of your choice
  • Save the settings by tapping done. It’s look something like the image below:

mini militia rank hack iOS


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