Trick To Check Last Activity Held On Your Smartphone In Your Absence

Hello, today in this post I will tell you the latest trick which will work for all your Android device. Yes, you heard it right, here is the trick to check last activity held on your smartphone while your absence also. Recently we shared a free trick to message someone who has blocked you on WhatsApp which has a number of likes by visitors. So we begin further with the trick, be with us.

Best Way To Check Last Activity Held On Your Smartphone

What if someone is using your phone during your absence? Ever wondered if someone is using your phone without your permission to check your privacy. Yes! It can happen easily. During the time of bathing or when you’re busy talking someone at the door. Not only to save your privacy, but to keep a positive look on your children, this works perfectly.

It can happen that your wife or Gf used to check your mobile daily, but you don’t know that. It can also happen that your child use to delete his daily bunk messages from the college. This might happen your recently cleared all your apps from history and want to know the app you used before an hour. This all can be easily checked by this wonderful trick.

Not wasting much of your time, we begin with this mind blowing trick below. Follow each step as mentioned below.

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Steps To Check Last Activity Held On Your Smartphone

  • Open dialer of your smartphone or your Android device
  • Enter the code as written in bold   *#*#4636#*#*
  • On dialing the following code a window appears as below

file info

  • No click simply on usage statistics and the list of recent app usage will appear with time and the duration the app was used

usage stat

  • You can also sort your search type by usage time, last time used and also by app name
  • You can also get information regarding your IMEI number in phone information block
  • Battery info is also available for your better usability
  • Network status can be easily viewed here

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Wrapping Up:

Friends you can comment as your required tricks and we will try to provide your required trick for you. Comment your feedback on this trick to motivate us to provide new tricks. I hope you all must have like the trick to check last activity held on your smartphone.

You can also download the app named WHO TOUCHED MY PHONE below:

Who Touched My Phone
Who Touched My Phone
Developer: Fromitt
Price: Free

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