Use WhatsApp With Fake Mobile Number Without Using Sim Card: Trick [100% Working]

Hello my techie-viewers, today in this post we will be learning about the trick in which you will be knowing how to use whatsapp with fake mobile number without using sim card. You must be thinking Is it really possible? Yes! It’s possible now. With the latest updated WhatsApp version we will do the trick. In previous post we share the trick to show your status always online being offline.

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Story Behind WhatsApp

Friends you must be aware of what whatsapp is, but you must not be knowing the story behind whatsapp that; how’s the name come from? Who founded it? What does actually whatsapp mean? Why only whatsapp? All these are the questions to which must be having knowledge for being a cool techie freek.

use whatsapp without number

As we know to use whatsapp one need a mobile number as its identity and its simple to connect socially with friends; this all came to be possible with the help of foundation by true friends. Yes! The founder of WhatsApp gives this name as a symbol of ‘friendship’ elaborating “Whats Up“. Brian Acton and Jan Koum are the founder of WhatsApp which were once employees at Yahoo. They left the job as employee and gone to Facebook in search of the job but were rejected to get appointed. Then their true hard work and ego results revealed through an app named WhatsApp. The application was first launched for iPhone users in November 2009 in app store and arrived in Jan 2010 for androids.

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Use WhatsApp With Fake Mobile Number: Trick

Here in this trick you will learn to use whatsapp without registering or verifying you real mobile number. Now an encrypting code is used to extract your conversation, without which no one would be able to access your conversation. When you download the latest whatsapp application it will automatically notify you about your conversation are now end to end encrypted. You can transfer your conversation through an option available called Scan QR code by which you can easily transfer you conversation to your friends device.You will learn here to create a fake account with whatsapp and fool your friends. Avoid using the trick for problematic purpose.

How To Use WhatsApp On PC’s or Laptop?

I have seen many of the viewers asking about how to use whatsapp in my pc. This will make you clear about the topic under. Follow the step by step process to run whatsapp on your PC’s

  • First keep your android device near your PC for proper connectivity (one time process)
  • Now open WhatsApp application on your smartphone
  • Open on your PC or Laptop
  • Window appears with asking to scan a QR code
  • Click on the top right bar of your android application and press Whatsapp web option
  • Keep your mobile infront of the QR code screen on PC
  • And the device is connected, WhatsApp is ready to be used
  • You can now turn the android application off.

This information is for the viewers who are having problem to use whatsapp on their PC’s. For any query regarding this you can comment in the comment section below.

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How to use WhatsApp with Fake Mobile Number?

So, now the trick is to be revealed below to use whatsapp with fake mobile number or without using the sim card. Sometimes using the real mobile number for contact purpose or marketing purpose is to be found less logical, for which the trick is under. Follow the steps and you will learn easily the whatsapp trick.

  • In case using a wi-Fi connection, kindly activate the airplane mode in your device
  • Now install the WhatsApp Messenger. skip if already installed
  • Do not enter details proceed to step 4
  • Now Install Voxox app and register with your true details
  • Creating account on Voxox will help you to have a fake mobile number
  • Goto more option available at the top left of the voxox app
  • Account details will be shown there, just copy the fake provide number from there
  • Note down the number on a device or a page
  • Now open the newly installed whatsapp, and enter the fake number provided by voxox and proceed to next with the fake mobile number

Note: If already installed, whatsapp then you need to go on the option to change the mobile number which will provide you two boxes. Fill the real mobile number on which it’s running and in the next box fill the fake mobile number with +1 at the beginning.

  • Within a minute a confirmation code from whatsapp will be received on voxox app inbox
  • Open the verification link or simply copy the code from voxox app and paste where required in the whatsapp app
  • Verification completed and now you are ready to enjoy whatsapp with fake number


  1. Latest WhatsApp Messenger App
  2. Voxox App

Wrapping Up

I hope you will enjoy the trick to use whatsapp with fake mobile number without any sim card. Latest WhatsApp Tricks are revealed by us. You must be interested in knowing which of your friend has blocked or unfollowed you from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Stay tuned for the latest tricks with us. Subscribe to get latest techie information to you first.

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