WhatsApp Showing Online When I’m Offline: Always Online Trick [100% Working]

You are landed on the right post here to know the trick to be always online on whatsapp. You must be eager to know the trick behind showing you always online, when you are not. WhatsApp always online trick is here now to show you always available on whatsapp to your needy one’s.

We all loves social interaction with new people’s and this can only be possible with the use of social media apps in which one of the popular app is WhatsApp. As you have seen on Facebook, when you turn the data on, you’re showing online to your friends without being on Facebook itself; likewise it’s now also possible on WhatsApp also. It’s an easy task with lots of benefits.

WhatsApp Always Online Trick is very useful for those who wants to show their whatsapp status always online. And Yes, its now possible. Some people think it’s not possible, but they are wrong….In this scientific world nothing is impossible friends. We will show under how to easily avail the  trick and be online without touching your whatsapp longer.

Why is WhatsApp different from other social media apps?

WhatsApp is known for its handy features and its functions such as changeable status and profile pictures quickly. For bigger size image it also includes features like cropping, rotating, etc. For unsquared images, you need to insta your image which will help you to square your image and apply large size image full being fit on your profile picture. Latest WhatsApp version is now available with the story status bugs fixed.

WhatsApp Plus has also being a competitive version with the official one. It also includes amazing feature like changing of last seen, hiding status and dp with particular one, and many other exciting features. It does not provide the facility to be always online. In all other whatsapp versions including official version, when you are online it shows online as status to your friends, but when you turn off your phone screen light or data connection, it shows you offline.

Is it really possible on WhatsApp to show online even if I’m Offline?

Not making you much confused to the answer I just want to say Yes! It is possible to show your whatsapp online even if there is no data connection or you have switched off the device. In case you turned off the lights off your device, it will then also show online to your friends. WhatsApp is famous for its high speed sharing and privacy, so to be always online you need to learn step by step trick as under.

How to impress your friend on WhatsApp?

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=WhatsApp Always Online Trick Revealed=

whatsapp always online trick

Many people are searching for the trick to show there whatsapp status always online. There are many reasons behind this thinking as if someone wants to shine between there friends by showing them that he is the longest active person on whatsapp among in their friends group. One of the reason includes important media sharing which can only be possible with you being online for reviews on it. Marketting through whatsapp can also be the best reason for always been shown online to gain trust of its customers.

WhatsApp Always Online Trick Steps To Follow:

First and the foremost thong to remember is that you need to uninstall the previous of any version, if already installed. WhatsApp always online trick does not require a rooted device. You need to have a proper internet connection at the time of installation. This trick is possible with the modded version of whatsapp known as GB WhatsApp. Below are the steps to be followed-

  1. Download GB WhatsApp on your android device.

2. Install and open the app in your android

3. Verify your mobile number by the OTP, GB WhatsApp will automatically fetch the OTP

4. Enter the mobile number and verify it and the OTP is sent

5. Now enter your name and add profile picture, if you want, if not then press skip

6. It will open normally as Official WhatsApp, but has advanced features inbuilt. Different layouts and multiple options are few features.

7. Now, Open menu and goto GB Settings option from the list

8. Scroll down and click on other mods option of your choice

9. You will find always online option as shown under, tick the option and it will ask to restart the app, just click Ok.

whatsapp always online

10. All done. Enjoy now, it will show you online always till you remove the tick mark by returning on the option.

So these steps are the WhatsApp always online trick. Follow the steps carefully and if any problems arises you are free to comment in the comment section we are always their to take care of you.


Here are some precaution to be noticed down by you for this trick. Some rules are meant to be followed by you using the trick to be always online.

  • Make sure to enable the data for all day long to show you as online because social media apps are completely based on servers and if the server is not active none tricks will work,
  • Make sure not to close GB WhatsApp App from recent apps as it is responsible for the trick to work smoothly without any problems.

Excluding or ignoring any of the precaution will make your trick unable to work. Kindly follow thw rules and enjoy the trick.

Let me ask, How’s the trick? According to me this is the best answer to the one’s who are in search for WhatsApp always online trick and are unable to get it right. Now, you don’t need to stumble more around web as this is the perfect working trick to the best of my knowledge.

“Stay Tuned For Latest Tricks”

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