Trick To Message Someone Who Has Blocked You On WhatsApp

This guide provides a free trick to message someone who has blocked you on WhatsApp. Just follow the trick and you will be able to contact the person who has blocked you on Whatsapp. This WhatsApp trick only works when you are online. Recently I have shared how to use WhatsApp generating fake mobile number.

Suppose someone special has blocked you because of your some personal reason, this WhatsApp trick will allow you to text the person while you are blocked by him. If you are in a relationship, then at some point this stage always arises, but don’t be upset as this WhatsApp Trick is the one which never let you down. In case you want to convey a message to your friend and you are blocked from the other side, then my friend this post is just for you.

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Trick 1: 

Apart from the WhatsApp trick I will be discussing here. There’s one more trick which is quite problematic, but you may afford to try it. In this WhatsApp Trick you need to uninstall your latest installed WhatsApp which will let you leave out from all your groups. After deleting your present WhatsApp account and recreating it, you will get unblocked, but you will loose all your close groups. The second trick for which this post is conducted is quite convenient and will be discussed as the second trick. You can try trick one if you can afford its consequences as mentioned.

WhatsApp Trick

The upcoming method is not only easy to use, but also straightforward to apply. This method needs a third person as a mediator. To not involve the third person you need to create a second account by WhatsApp Plus to bypass mediator. By the help of a group chat feature you’ll be able to message someone who has blocked you on WhatsApp.

How To Use This WhatsApp Trick To Message Someone Who Blocked You?

  • No matter if the third person doesn’t know the person with whom you’re being blocked.
  • Just you need is a third person with running an account on WhatsApp and you are good to go
  • To gain trust it would be better if the third person knows the person from whom you got blocked
  • Ask the third person to save the number of the person to whom you want to message and refresh his contact list.
  • Tell him to create a group including you and the person to whom you want to text.
  • Now the group has been created, which includes you, the third person and the person who has blocked you.
  • Ask the third person to exit the group by clicking on the group name and the exit button.

  • Now you can text the person who has blocked you, Yes! You can call it a lag in WhatsApp but it helps as a life hack.

Note: Do not use this trick to make a nuisance or to create problems for others

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Wrapping Up:

Now you can easily deliver your message to the person who has blocked you, and can clear all your misunderstandings. The problem will arise when he/she will leave the group, but till then you message will be conveyed. May all your misconceptions get clear and hope he/she may unblock you. Do not try to stalk on him, try giving some time. The other person might realize and everything must get on the right track.

Do share this post to help others, and feel free to comment in the comment section, your experience to this trick. Hope everything get well as soon as possible.

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