How To Find Out Who Deleted You On Facebook, Twitter And Instagram

Searching for the old friends, colleague’s or ex on Facebook, only to check whether they havn’t blocked or unfriended you? Well now you will be notified if someone blocks, unfollow or unfriend you socially. You will now find it easy to know who deleted you on Facebook.

Who Deleted Me, a very helpful app and Google Chrome extension which will alert you when someone press unfriend or blocked button for your profile.

Unlike Twitter and Instagram, where followers list tends to be public and with less security adaptations, whereas with Facebook, data is more closely guarded- the company doesn’t offer its own features to find out who deleted you on Facebook as it will minimise their visitors.

Know Who Deleted You On Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

There are two methods to know who deleted you on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The first one, manually and the second one, through apps. We will share both the methods with you.

who deleted you on facebook


Method 1:

You don’t have to wait for future browsing through your friend list and searching and particular knowing that he is no more your friend. For the information and alert purpose there’s an extension available for Chrome and Firefox named- “Who Deleted Me“.

Who Deleted Me, is also available as an app for Android and iOS too. The app works after the installation only means it will tell about those friends who has unfriended or blocked you from the period you installed it in your chrome extension or as an app in your device. It will also tell about the “last seen”of your friend by which you will be aware of his/her ignorance.

This method is simple and gives appropriate results.

Note: The method start working after the installation. The app gives information from the time it is installed.

Method 2:

This method is to be done manually without any app. Just follow the steps as under:

  • Log in to your Facebook account and then enter into your web
  • Select “see more results“, if the user’s profile doesn’t appear in typing the subject name
  • Log out if the required result is not seen; that doesn’t mean he has unfriended you or blocked you
  • Start the new search for the user in the search engine. If the user appears in search results when you’re logged out, that means he/she has blocked you.
  • Enter the search term as it is into Google, if the user’s account does not appear after searching Facebook: <person’s name> Facebook. Replace <person’s name=””> with the first and last name of the user. If the user name result has a common name, add that person’s hometown or current city to the search string as well.
  • Open each of the results in a new private window or tab. If you are able to find the user’s profile in the Google search results, then log back into Facebook while on his account page. If an error appears with texted as user doesn’t exist or if you are redirected to your own profile, that means you have been blocked by the searched user.

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To check who is uninterested in your musings or who has unfollowed you on twitter you can simply apply this way down. It is easier to check up on one’s followers on twitter, which has a more public list of friends.

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To get the dashboard that alerts you whenever someone unfollow you or tweet on you, check out Among other things, it will track the recent followers, views on post including unfollowers in the audience section of the dashboard.


  1. Statusbrew
  2. Unfollowerstats



One of the best known e-commerce social app- Instagram. It is not a term for introductory as everyone knows it very well. Instagram is the platform for public following and it’s none a part of grievous insult being unfollowed by someone.

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To get to the dashboard where you can find easily about who has unfollowed and viewed your post recently goto the platform named Statusbrew, which will provide an audience dashboard with lots of features and a complete detail on audience. These audience option includes the people who unfollowed you recently.

Now you got to know completely how to know, who deleted you on Facebook? Who unfollowed you on twitter and Instagram?

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